Sunday, June 2, 2013

TFA Induction

I have officially moved into my dorms at Arizona State University, where I will be living this next month for what Teach for America calls "Institute", aka really intensive teacher training before starting my job in Colorado! But before I start training tomorrow, I wanted to post about my first TFA experience: Induction.

I got to induction last Wednesday, May 29, just two short days after returning from my epic Europe trip. Luckily I had time to sleep in between Europe and Colorado because induction was non-stop! I flew into Denver and then drove with TFA to Colorado Springs, where we checked into the dorms of Colorado College. That campus was insanely beautiful! Induction for me was an emotional roller coaster. From arriving without an official job placement, to being hired by the Harrison 2 School District in Colorado Springs (heyooo new adventures) to finding out the next day that I would be teaching 4th grade at Oak Creek Elementary School, my emotions were all over the place (shout out to my roommate Mac for sitting on the phone with me every night as I tried to process all those feelings). But, even with all of that going on, I had an amazing time. The whole purpose of induction is to act as an orientation for the incoming TFA Corps members. And seriously, it was a crazy awesome orientation. There were lots of sessions that got us so pumped up to teach, inspired us in every possible way, and lots of time to get to know the people we'd be working along side for the next two years.

I met some amazing people, ate some really incredible food, and constantly admired the mountains around me. I'm so excited for this next chapter! Here are just a few photos I snapped during my time at induction, as well as on the 12 hour car ride to Arizona, and today, my first official day at ASU. 

I know the next few weeks are going to be ridiculously challenging in many ways, but I'm ready for them, and looking forward to all that I am about to learn. Hurray for being in yet another state, and for the beginning of my Teach for America experience!
 The drive from Denver to Colorado Springs: stunning. This one was taken by my friend Brad. There Brad, there's your photo credit. 
Mountains everywhere! 
This was on the chalkboard in one of my session rooms. I thought it was fitting, and reminded me of my cottage. Maybe I'll bring the YOLO to Colorado Springs!
 Kiersten, Claire and I took a small break from life on the campus and explored the city a bit. Claire is a Colorado native so she took us to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Walking around this place was crazy because it was so picturesque... it didn't seem real!
The grounds of the Broadmoor. It was the classiest, most gorgeous hotel! We also laughed the entire time which made this day even more fun.
The view from my dorm. Hello again mountains! 
 Induction closing BBQ outside with the most gorgeous view.
A few of the Colorado girls. We have over 100 corps members from Colorado this year-- crazy!
RSS right before departing for Arizona! 
We drove through Colorado, into New Mexico and then to Arizona. The sunset in New Mexico was out of control and this photo does not do it justice! 
We did a quick Target trip when we arrived in Arizona. Here's Kiersten modeling the teacher shirts we bought, over a grandma bathing suit we made her try on. I love that I've found girls who laugh as much as I do. Constant entertainment! 
And lastly...the balmy Phoenix weather to welcome us to AZ. 

Here's to a very hot and exciting first week!


  1. Wow! No rest for TFA! You've been on a whirlwind roller coaster-ferris wheel-bumper car ride for weeks! That's four states in about four days. Welcome to and enjoy Arizona. I have lots of photos of sunsets in the Southwest; they're incredible and, in my opinion, cannot convey their beauty in photos - you just have to see them and remember them. I love you this much >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox